About Us

Helen Jones Wines offers a range of services from a persona wine service, delivered to your door, to mobile bars and wine tasting parties.

I started my wine career at the retail coalface selling wine for a variety of wine retailers. I quickly realised that my passion for enjoying wine, in every aspect, was something that I wanted to share with other people and after several years of wine exams I branched out and started my own wine business.

My aim in business is to share the joy of wine with my customers, to be their connection with some of the most exciting wine growers around the world. Many of these growers are family run businesses growing exceptional wines for everyday drinking; this partnership brings new exciting wines to my customers at real value prices. That doesn’t mean that I exclude any of the classic wines from the bigger growers, on the contrary, I provide my customers with exactly what they want. My long standing connections with wine wholesalers, helps me to provide some of these popular wines at the most competitive prices.

Really understanding what my customers enjoy helps me to make their wine drinking a real fun experience and is the reason why they buy from me week in and week out – a little trust goes a long way.